Allegro Instructors In Action
 Elizabeth Conner, Program Coordinator, is finishing up final assessments. Each Allegro student is evaluated at the beginning and end of the school year. This gives us the opportunity to measure progress. We are so excited to see our students' intellectual and physical improvements! No two people learn in the same way. Allegro's programs help fill in the gaps and are a vital part of our students' learning!
 Allegro Foundation…a Champion for Children with Disabilities offers FREE movement education classes throughout Charlotte and in the surrounding areas (including Fort Mill in South Carolina). These programs combine movement instruction with academic learning in order to teach children with disabilities and enhance their lives! Here, Allegro’s Founder and President, Pat Farmer (4th from the left), conducts a teacher training seminar in order to ensure that her curriculum is consistent and teachers stay up-to-date on their learning! 
Allegro's Lead Instructor, Joanna, with Allegro Student, Olivia. 

Allegro's Development Coordinator, Hope, with Allegro Student, Megan.  

Allegro Movement Instructor, Elizabeth, and Allegro Intern, Ashley, with Allegro Students.  
Allegro Movement Instructor, Marisa, with Allegro Student, Shea.