Friends of Allegro

Sheila Abraham, Ed.D., Mr. and Mrs. Gary Babcock, Mr. and Mrs. Greg Baker, Mr. Larry Buckley, Ms. Marie Calabro, Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Cummings, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Cureton, Ms. Barbara Darden, Mr. Alvaro de Molina, Mr. and Mrs. Chip Farmer, Mr. John FastjeLaura Foxx, Ph.D., Mr. Gary Goodson, Mr. Mike Hawley and Katherine Pierce, M.D., Mr. and Mrs. Danny Hellams, Mr. and Mrs. John Hosmer, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Karlsson, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Knight, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Little, Ms. Nicole Little, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Marcham, Ms. Kim Henderson and Mr. Patrick McLoughlin, Mrs. Robin Mermans, Ms. Debbie Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Monnett, Mr. Kevin Monroe, Ms. Lynn Muller, Mr. and Mrs. Clark Neilson, Ms. Heidi Nowak, Mr. and Mrs. Brian Pacheco, Mr. Ernest Perry, Counselor Lorenzo Ravano, Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Rey, Mr. and Mrs. Greg Roderick, Mr. Felix Sabates, Ms. Mimi Sabates and Mr. Doug Herbert, Ms. Julia Sayegh, Mr. Victor Sayegh, Mrs. Molly Schugel, Mr. and Mrs. Ron Sherrill, Ms. Elizabeth Tanos-Priest, Mr. Josh Toman, Mr. and Mrs. Nick Trivisonno, Mrs. Anastasiya Walker, Mr. and Mrs. Royallen Wiley, Mr. and Mrs. Phil Witt, Ms. Phyllis Yandle


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