What Allegro Means To Me...
Hi, I’m Danny, and I’m just your average 8-year-old. By day, I’m a Park Road Public Montessori 3rd grader and aspiring computer programmer, but in the evenings, you’ll find me learning alongside my new friends in Allegro’s free weekly movement education classes at Carolinas Medical Center.

As you can tell, I look a little different from most kids my age. See the oxygen tubes on my face? Those braces on my legs? Don’t worry – they don’t hurt, but my doctor makes me wear them to stabilize my balance since I was born with cerebral palsy. I don’t hate them because without them, I would have to stay in my wheelchair, but they do cause the other students to stare and tease me. One day at school, I fell 18 times. My friends helped me up, but I still HATE falling. The very worst time was when I fell when I carried my own tray in the cafeteria. The other kids tried hard not to laugh, but I was embarrassed about falling and dropping all my food and then crying in front of everybody.

But since I’ve joined Allegro’s classes, I’m not as embarrassed by my body. It doesn’t always cooperate, but Allegro is teaching me to think of my body in a new way: a tool for improving my schoolwork and a powerful instrument that I can make stronger. 500+ other children with disabilities just like me are also learning in Allegro’s classes, and they continue to prove that I too can overcome my physical challenges. Thank you, Allegro, for helping us all work together to show what children with disabilities CAN do!



From An Allegro Parent...
"Danny is profoundly gifted, yet most people are unable to see past his obvious physical limitations. In just a few short weeks, Allegro has healed his heart, empowering Danny to overcome crushing disappointment and frustration as his body rapidly loses motor control: first dropping his lunch tray in the school cafeteria and recently progressing to difficulty eating due to diminished esophageal function.

Despite the physical complications of his diagnosis, Danny has never been happier because he is surrounded by a group of children with disabilities who are just like him. In many years of medical practice and motherhood, I have yet to find another organization that provides a more comprehensive approach to academic education and physical intervention than Allegro Foundation, a true blessing in the lives of hundreds of families!"

- Danny’s Mother, Elizabeth DeHority, MD






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